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About Us

VAG Klamflex

Established in 1962 the company is amongst the few largest and most prominent manufacturers of Pipeline Couplings and Jointing systems globally. Klamflex Pipe Couplings was acquired by the VAG-Group in 2013, this saw the merger of the South African VAG Valves sales office and Klamflex Pipe Couplings manufacturing plant in South Africa. Klamflex Pipe Couplings continues to expand its footprint throughout the world utilizing a distribution network and VAG Sales Offices. Quality, service, customer support, and Research & Development are high on our agenda, this together with a world class staff compliment enable us to reach the satisfaction required in an ever changing market.

We offer coupling and jointing solutions tailored to project specific requirements for water, wastewater and marine applications.

News Flash

Klamflex introduces our New Generation Self-Restraining Fittings.

Restrained Couplings & Flange Adaptors will now be available in Ranger & Dedicated versions. Ideally suited to various pipe sizes and applications. With versatility between Steel, HDPE, GRP & Ductile Iron pipes. Our Restrained fittings provide a wider range of leak tight pipe connections.

High Pressure Couplings

Klamflex has an ongoing initiative for the re-engineering of the conventional design of the dedicated product, namely Couplings, Flange Adaptors and Dismantling Joints. Upgraded aspects such as the mechanical and chemical composition of components, together thicker modified sections allows, Klamflex to achieve the supply of product with higher pressures for larger diameters. This provides further versatility for Klamflex in accommodating special products custom built to suit each application.