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The KLAMFLEX Coupling is a mechanical pipe joint consisting of a centre sleeve, end flanges, wedge-shaped rubber sealing rings, nuts and bolts. The main components are constructed from high quality SG iron for small sizes and hot rolled profiled steel for large sizes.

Klamflex Couplings provide a leak-tight pipe joint through the tightening of bolts which draw the flanges together and compress the sealing rings in the recess between the sleeve and each end flange onto the pipe.

The leak-tightness of the Coupling is assured if all bolts are fully tightened, and subsequent inspection by gamma ray, x-ray, ultrasonic or other forms of non-destructive testing is not required. Couplings can be set to take angular deflections of 6° in any plane on sizes up to 457mm OD reducing to 1° at 1820mm OD (for flange adaptors, acceptable deflections are half these values).

External and internal pipe protection coatings are unaffected by fitting Couplings. KLAMFLEX Couplings used throughout a pipeline will take care of expansion and contraction and limited ground movement when standard pipe lengths are used.

Stresses at valves and other fixed points are also relieved by using KLAMFLEX Flange Adaptors and Couplings.

Couplings are manufactured to suit both Imperial and Metric dimensions for pipes in: • STEEL • uPVC • DUCTILE IRON • FIBRE CEMENT • G.R.P. • STAINLESS STEEL • ALUMINIUM ALLOYS.

The short time taken to assemble Couplings compares favourably with any other form of jointing. KLAMFLEX Step Couplings facilitate joining pipes of different specifications: i.e. Different pipe outside diameters; Different pipe materials (Steel, Cast Iron, Fibre Cement).