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Anchoring Supporting Pipes

Fig. 1

For anchoring and supporting pipes this method allows freedom of movement within the capabilities of the KLAMFLEX System, and controls the axial movement over a maximum of two Couplings. If the free pipe moves to the full extent in one direction, the accumulated gap should be within the limits of one Coupling. Clear pipe span not to exceed 10 metres

  1. Anchored to withstand resolved thrust at the ends of all straight runs
  2. Intermediate anchor points strong enough to prevent creeping of the pipes
  3. Guide supports with loose strap over the pipe otherwise cradles will be suitable, e.g. if the line is not straight, then all anchors and guides, A, B and C must be designed to withstand the resolved thrust but still allow longitudinal expansion of the pipes through the guide supports. Pipe should not be laid to the maximum deflection
Fig. 2

Pipeline incorporating KLAMFLEX Anchored Couplings.

D. KLAMFLEX Anchored Coupling.