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Lateral Displacement

Lateral displacement between two pipes to be joined cannot be accommodated by a single Coupling. Two Couplings must be used and a small centre piece of pipe may be allowed to articulate the take up displacement.

Method of calculating length of the centre pipe.

Pipe nominal diameter (mm) Minimum Length (mm)
Up to 457 OD Displacement Y x 10
Over 457 to 610 OD Displacement Y x 12
Over 610 to 762 OD Displacement Y x 15
Over 762 to 1219 OD Displacement Y x 20
Over 1219 to 1829 OD Displacement Y x 30
Over 1829 OD Displacement Y x 60

Pipe OD=762mm
Lateral displacement to be accommodated = 180mm
Minimum closing length = 180 x 15 = 2700mm

N.B. For KLAMFLEX Flange Adaptors these lengths must be doubled.