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End Caps

KLAMFLEX End Caps are manufactured from our Ranger Couplings or Dedicated Couplings, therefore giving you the versatility of using them on a variety of different pipe OD's and materials.

KLAMFLEX End Caps are therefore suitable for all popular standard pipe sizes ranging from 50mm to 300mm and are designed for the use in air, water, sewer, and gas pipelines up to 16 Bar.

KLAMFLEX End Caps are supplied with and EPDM rubber seal and coating can either be Red Oxide or FBE.

KLAMFLEX End Caps can be manufactured with double sleeves to prevent end pullout on PE, HDPE and GRP pipes.

50mm/2” 59-72 3.1 STEEL (imperial+metric), uPVC, DI, CI, AC (imperial), ABS/DWV.
65mm/2.5" 72-85 3.3 STEEL (imperial+metric), uPVC, DI, CI, AC (imperial), ABS/DWV
80mm/3" 88-103 4.5 STEEL (imperial+metric), uPVC, DI, CI, AC (imperial), ABS/DWV
100mm/4" 109-128 4.9 STEEL (imperial+metric), uPVC, DI, CI, AC (cod), AC (imperial)
125mm/5" 138-153 5.2 STEEL (imperial+metric), uPVC, DI, CI, AC (cod), AC (imperial)
150mm/6" 159-182 7.4 STEEL (imperial+metric), uPVC, DI, CI, AC (cod), AC (cid), AC (imperial)
175mm/7" 192-210 9.6 STEEL (imperial+metric), uPVC, CI, AC (imperial)
200mm/8" 218-235 10.6 STEEL (imperial+metric), uPVC, DI, CI, AC (cod), AC (cid), AC (imperial), GRP
225mm/9" 230-247 17.4 STEEL (imperial+metric), DI, AC (cod), AC (cid), AC (imperial)
250mm/10" 267-247 18.8 STEEL (imperial+metric), uPVC, AC (cid)
250mm/10" 272-289 17.1 STEEL (imperial+metric), uPVC, DI, CI, AC (cod), AC (cid), AC (imperial), GRP
300mm/12" 315-332 24.2 STEEL (imperial+metric), uPVC, DI, AC (cid 24), GRP

Max working pressure: 16 bar

Setting gap: 19mm

Tolerance on angular deflection: 6°

Expansion & contraction range: 0-10mm

Recommended bolt torque: 60 - 80 Nm

For couplings of 25 & 40 bar working pressure please refer to dedicated flange adaptors and couplings

For any deviation to the below, please contact Klamflex