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Technical Data

Special Ended Fittings

KLAMFLEX Special Ended Steel Fittings are available in various fitting combinations, such as Bends, Tees, Reducers, and Crosses. These fittings are manufactured by welding a KLAMFLEX Half Coupling to the ends of a steel fitting. Bolts are used in the coupling joint; this ensures easy replacement of damaged fasteners. KLAMFLEX makes use of a profile plate that is welded to the steel fitting or lugs that are welded to the coupling sleeve to accommodate the tightening process. With either option only one weld is required to fit the half coupling to the fitting. We offer the dedicated sleeve type or ranger sleeve type arrangement. Installation is effected by simply inserting the plain ended pipe into the KLAMFLEX Half Coupling and tightening the studs. The use of these fittings will result in significant cost savings and ease of installation, as only one piece of equipment is being purchased, instead of separate fittings and coupling.

High Pressure Couplings

KLAMFLEX is currently undertaking an exercise on the design of the existing dedicated product range of Couplings, Flange Adaptors and Dismantling Joints that will enable Klamflex to supply high pressure items, in excess of a rating of 40 bar. This would include pressure diameter ratios of 50 Bar up to 2000nb, 64 Bar up to 1600nb and 100 bar up to 1400nb. Where necessary component material will be upgraded with regards to the mechanical and chemical composition as well as thicker sections would be used, to achieve the above.

Working pressure varies with Coupling size and material used. Generally working pressure is up to 2/3rds of the maximum test pressure shown in the schedules of dimensions in our catalogue. Couplings are pressure rated to appropriate pipe standards in common use. For higher pressures, special Couplings can be supplied.

KLAMFLEX Couplings and Flange Adaptors for cast iron mains, carrying water, sewage or gas are suitable for the pressures for which the pipes are normally supplied. Generally Flange Adaptors are suitable for the pressure ratings of the flange to which they are connected. The pressure ratings stated in this catalogue are hydrostatic test pressures.

Pipelines under pressure are subject to forces which tend to separate the component parts. Flexible pipelines, e.g. those jointed with KLAMFLEX Couplings, are particularly subject to forces acting at bends, tees or blank ends. Buried pipelines can generally be restrained by means of anchor blocks at abrupt changes of direction, with the minor forces at each straight joint being restrained by soil friction. With above ground pipelines, it is necessary to take full account of the thrusts produced by internal pressure and where required to restrain them with thrust blocks, anchorage or tie bars.

In the simple case of pressure acting on a blank end, the force P necessary to prevent pipe separation is given by:

KLAMFLEX Couplings are NOT DESIGNED TO RESIST END LOAD due to pressure forces and therefore such forces must normally be resisted by other means. At very low pressures however, friction between coupling and pipe may be sufficient in certain cases. At a bend there is a force P tending to pull the end outwards. This can result in axial forces F acting to separate the bend from the straight pipe at each KLAMFLEX Coupling:
There must be sufficient anchorage to resist either P or both forces F e.g. in a buried system a thrust block may resist F, and above ground, sets of tie rods at each coupling would resist F.


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